PREP ATX Commercial Kitchens are

Built to Take You to the Next Level 

Traditional Kitchen Lease or Restaurant Conversion  

Costly excess square footage dedicated to non-kitchen areas  

dedicated kitchen for lease

The perfect size kitchen for you + included common amenities  

private commercial kitchen for rent

Expensive facility modification & improvements to meet your needs

Kitchens pre-built with everything you need to get cooking 

private kitchen to lease

Lengthy & costly oversight of contractors, architects, engineers, permits & inspections 

No wasted time, no rent burn during build-out.  PREP handles the hard stuff. 

private kitchen for rent

Long-term lease, upfront deposits, and ongoing facility maintenance costs that add up quickly

Short-term memberships, low initiation fees, and all-inclusive facility management program


Private Kitchens

Our private kitchens range in size from ~450sf to over 4,500sf and are delivered with everything you need to produce efficiently and accelerate your operations.  All units come pre-built with hoods, fire suppression systems, sinks, poured epoxy floors, walk-in refrigeration, dedicated HVAC, storage areas, washable surfaces and ample gas + 3-phase electric service. 


Our private kitchens are ideal for:    

  • Central Commissary for Multi-Unit Operators   
  • Established Event Caterers & Bakers
  • Food Manufacturing / CPG Producers
  • Prepared Meal Companies 
  • Off-Site Restaurant Catering Operations
shared kitchen austin

Shared Kitchen

to help you launch, grow and succeed 

PREP’s shared kitchen consists of stations that are dedicated to single businesses, each with 24/7 access to their own prep area, and locked dry and cold storage areas. Smallwares, prep and cooking equipment are provided.

Our shared kitchen is ideal for:    

  • Pre-Opening / R&D / Menu Creation   
  • Early Stage Caterers & Bakers     
  • Farmer's Market Producers
  • Small Batch Specialty Food Manufacturing
  • Multi-Truck Operators
commercial kitchen shared space

Delivery/Ghost Kitchens 

optimized for off-premise food production

Delivery is the fastest growing segment of the market, but it can also be costly and unprofitable if not run to perfection. PREP's ghost kitchens and service offerings are designed to make delivery more affordable for any size operator.      

Our delivery/ghost kitchens are ideal for:    

  • Local Operators Wanting to Quickly Expand their Footprint  
  • National Chains & Franchisees
  • Virtual Only Brands Needing Multi-Concept Kitchen Capacity     
  • Out of Market Entrepreneurs Looking to Affordably Test New Markets
shared commissary kitchen

Central Preparation Facility 

for food trucks, food trailers & mobile food vendors

PREP’s Austin facility is licensed as a Central Preparation Facility or “base of operations” for mobile food service operators such as food trucks, food trailers, food carts, movie set caterers and BBQ trailers.  

Our food truck offerings are ideal for:    

  • Food Trucks Needing Secure, Electrified Overnight Parking Areas
  • Vendors needing CPF Licensing
  • Efficient Grey Water Dump, Fresh Water Refill and Truck Cleaning
  • Turnkey Ingredient Ordering & Storage
shared kitchens near me

designed to increase your bottom line

 See PREP's Amenities

Running a food business requires wearing many hats.  PREP members get access to a range of amenities and services that help save you time, lower your costs and reduce your operational headaches.

Kitchens with Benefits

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A membership in PREP Kitchens is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to build your business


Not flexible to expand your production or storage space when your business grows

Flexible upsizing and plenty of a la carte storage options as you grow your business

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